Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set Review

We love the type of products Melissa & Doug produce, so we were pretty excited when this deluxe train hit the market. It features the classic, nostalgic look that many of this company’s products are known for. This train set is also more affordable than many smaller piece count sets on the market, which makes this set a total steal.

If you’re looking for a well-built, complete train set, then the Melissa & Doug wooden railway train set is the model to get. This is a deluxe train set that’s perfect for the child who loves trains. This set features a hundred wooden supports and tracks sections and more than thirty accessories. The set also includes a crane, bridge, station, and people. Your kids will love the four-piece passenger train and a three-piece flatbed truck complete with cargo.

Wooden Railway Train Set by Melissa & Doug Rundown and Features

This is a set that’s specifically designed for younger users from ages two to five. While most wooden train sets are marketed as such, they aren’t very toddler-friendly and often feature sharp corners and small parts. But not this Deluxe set. While the design may seem basic, the set has been carefully designed and crafted with a focus on durability and safety for younger users. We love that there is finally a large train set that’s safe for toddler use and one that they can play with for two or three years.

This is one awesome train set. Right when you pull it out of the box you’ll notice the quality craftsmanship, fine detail, and vibrant colors.

Most of the high piece count sets are mainly made up of trees, street signs and other extras that kids might not play with. This set features a count piece that focuses on track and bridge pieces, which means all of the parts are highly useable. The set also comes with a little semi with a fifth wheel trailer and two trains. The trains run smoothly around the track, with the axles and wheels placed at the ends of the cars, which helps the trains to go smoothly over the downward and upward curves of hills. Otherwise, the cars would end up catching on the track, causing the train to separate.

The included layout plans are really helpful when it comes to combining designs. Unfortunately, the set doesn’t come with a table, which can make playtime a little hectic, so you’ll need a lot of floor space.

While this set doesn’t come with a ton of bells and whistles, it’s still a great deal, especially when you consider the amount of track length included.

This set is also compatible with other train sets including Brio and Thomas, which is a huge selling point for parents.

This train is adorable and very toddler appropriate. Marketed as highly durable, it’s easy for younger kids to use, but may not be age appropriate for children over the age of five.

Wooden Train Set Pros and Cons

Pros: This train looks simply impressive. The wood is thick and smooth and the trains and accessories are nicely painted. The switch and train station are some favorite features. This set offers a total of four configurations and instructions regarding how to create them. Because the set offers so many play pieces and configurations, this set can grow with your child from the toddler years to around five years of age.

This is a fantastic train set that can easily rival more expensive sets. The Thomas tracks and engines are obviously more detailed, but the components in this package are perfect for toddlers who are often rough on toys. While yes, the buildings do look a little plain, it works out just fine. This set is compatible with Thomas tracks but many parents found that the bridge supports are a little too narrow to fit the tracks for the Thomas set.

Parents also felt that the longer track length was a big bonus over other large sets that mainly focus on small extra pieces that most toddlers tend to ignore. Instead, this set allows your child to truly get creative with track design, promoting a focus on using troubleshooting skills to create a little train track city that’s full of twists and turns. And because this set is highly compatible with most other models of wooden train track sets, you can begin to expand the set as your child grows.

Cons: The included track elevators don’t do much to actually elevate the tracks. Instead, they’re very unstable and feature an overall poor design. The tracks tip even with the slightest move, even with the red constructed bridge. The switch doesn’t turn, which kind of made us wonder why it was included in the first place. Ultimately, your child won’t be able to play with this set on the carpet. You’ll need to stick to linoleum or hardwood floors, or tabletops. We were a little disappointed to find plastic connectors on some of the pieces.

Unfortunately, because this large train set doesn’t come with its own table or storage drawers or bins, you’ll need to come up with your own system to keep this set intact and organized.

Melissa & Doug Final Thoughts and Rating

Melissa & Doug is a company that has a reputation for producing quality nostalgic toys that take you back to your own childhood. Actually, many of the toys produced by this company feature toy designs that have been used for more than sixty years. Melissa & Doug have taken the best classic toys from over the years and improved upon the design. Like this classic looking train set, the feel and look just screams quality. Parents who purchased this set gave it a rating of four out of five stars due to the issues with the track elevators. If you have room to spare and are in need of some serious organization, you might benefit from choosing a table based train set, such as the KidKraft Ride Around train set and table, a model which also provides plenty of storage space.

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