KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table Review

The KidKraft Waterfall Mountain train set and table are an all in one train set solution. KidKraft is a popular brand that you’ve probably come across in stores or when shopping around online. They’re considered one of the most affordable brands out there in terms of the type of value you get for the price. Keep in mind that KidKraft sells full sets only, and doesn’t offer individual accessories, so if you’re looking for a train set you can add to, you’ll need to check out a different brand.

Waterfall Mountain Train Set Overview and Features

This set comes with a total of a hundred and twenty play pieces and three large plastic storage bins. While the manufacturer doesn’t sell small sets for add-ons or accessories, this set is highly compatible with most major wooden railway brands. While they fit, some parents mentioned you can expect a slightly loose fit between the Thomas brand tracks and these tracks.

The table is made from composite wood and comes equipped with storage bins that easily slide under the table. Some parents suggest hanging rods underneath the table to make the bins more drawer-like. The table features T-molded edges which are designed to prevent chipping. The table has a lip that measures in at just under two inches and helps to prevent toys from falling over the edge. This set also features a silk-screened landscape and a reversible play board you can put under the train set.

The train tracks are made out of solid wood. The included elevated tracks and bridges are designed for a solid connection even with rough use. There were some reports from parents that other train brands didn’t fit well through the waterfall tunnel.

The table in this set is the perfect height for toddlers and younger children to play and stand. The table is built solid but can be easily moved by parents. The table’s scenery can be changed based on your child’s preference and imagination. The buildings, trees, mountains, and other aspects of the scenery are not glued on so they can redesign their small world whenever they like.

Most of the included pieces are made from wood such as the airplane, boat, cars, people, tracks, and table. There are only a few pieces made from plastic such as some street signs, a bridge, cave, and of course the storage bins.

The other side of the table features a neutral surface, so it can be used for a wide range of activities such as board games, puzzles, painting and much more.

Some of the accessories include a steamroller, trucks, cars, a helicopter, airport with helipad, runway, airplane, a crane that can be unhooked or hooked, fire station, police station, boat, hospital, plenty of plastic signs, people, and trees. The cargo found on the back of some of the boxcars is removable and can be lifted off the cars using the crane.

KidKraft Train Set Pros and Cons

Pros: This is a great train set that keeps toys and playtime off the floor and organized. The table is very easy to assemble. Start to finish should take only about half an hour. The instructions are detailed and clear and are illustrated. All of the included track pieces fit well together and are uniform. Some of the play pieces, such as the crane and helipad will require assembly, but they’re also pretty easy to put together.

The table is built solid and comes in two pieces. The silkscreened landscape features colorful pictures of water, roads, rocks, and grass. When the table is fully assembled, it’s sturdy enough to support a thirty-pound toddler, although the manufacturer does not recommend allowing a child to sit on it during play. With a large play piece count, you can expect to get a nice collection of vehicles, including a few cars made from wood. The favorite feature for most toddlers is probably the waterfall, however, the upper portion can be a little tricky to attach.

Cons: One major issue some parents ran into involved the tracks. Some parents stated that the roads and tracks don’t always match up perfectly. For example, because of the way the tracks are shaped they can run across water or roads and there aren’t very many configurations to choose from.

For some parents, the table can take more than an hour to put together. Once the table is assembled there are a dew design issues parents took note of. First, the storage bins don’t slide in and out. They must be perfectly aligned in order to lift them up and out. The tunnels are not very tall which can be limiting if you want to expand or combine this play set.

While the elevated track supports do a pretty good job of holding the pieces firmly, they also hug the track so well that it can be difficult to use one of the supports in order to connect a couple of elevated tracks. The elevated supports also don’t work well with curved pieces of track.

When it comes to wheel alignment on the tracks and the magnet connections, most parents felt the set offered a fair amount of quality. However, the set works well for toddlers, even if the wheels don’t remain in the track grooves a hundred percent of the time.

The veneer on the table is very thin, which means it can be easily scratched. The set also comes with some pretty small pieces, which means it’s not a good option for children under three years of age.

If your home is pretty tight on space and you simply can’t accommodate the size of a large train table in your home, the Melissa & Doug Deluxe wooden train set is a great option and one that also comes with an impressive play piece count.

Train Set and Table by KidKraft Conclusion and Rating

The KidKraft Waterfall Mountain train set and table is a good buy for older toddlers, around three or four years of age, but should not be used by children two and under, due to some of the small accessories. For the value, you’ll get a reversible table, a hundred and twenty play pieces and hours of endless fun. While the biggest issue with this set was the questionable track layout, most parents can agree that their toddlers didn’t even notice. Ultimately, this is a well-built set that’s parent approved. This train set received a rating of four out of five stars.

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