KidKraft Ride Around Train Set and Table Review

The KidKraft Ride Around train set and table is a colorful and durable train set that comes with a hundred hand-painted wooden pieces including the train, various buildings, other vehicles and little people to populate the play set. The train tracks are included for both trains and vehicles to ride on.

KidKraft Train Table Set Assessment and Features

This set features a very detailed landscape that’s melamine coated. This landscape offers the ideal setting for toddlers and children up to eight years old to play on. There’s plenty of fun scenarios your child can play out. The set is big enough to be used by multiple children.  The set also comes with a couple of bins that fit neatly under the table, providing much-needed storage for all the set’s small parts.

This is a durable, fun train set table that features a wooden construction and detailed play surface. You’ll love the well-crafted finished play pieces and the solid feel and look the set offers. The table features a bright background and comes with a decent variety of accessories. The table also takes playtime off the floor. The amount of storage provided is more than enough to store the pieces that come in this set and any other accessories purchased separately. However, the storage is offered in the form of plastic bins instead of wooden drawers.

Toddler Train Set Package Pros and Cons

Pros: Overall, this is a durable, reasonably price train set and table with plenty of quality pieces included.

This set consists of sturdy, composite wood construction, with no plastic pieces included. The play pieces and play surface are finished in attractive, bright colors. The pieces are hand-painted, which gives the set a more quality feel compared to lower priced models that feature plastic pieces.

The landscaping on the table’s surface includes a construction site, hospital, fields, lakes, airports, and more.

The play pieces include people, automobiles, trains, and planes.

The tracks can be easily connected with the groove and tongue connections.

There’s also a wide variety of track pieces to choose from including curves, sloping and straight pieces.

Many parents reported that Brio and Thomas and Friends sets fit on the track as well, which gives kids and parents more options if they choose to expand the set.

The smooth, rounded edges are hard to chip accidentally, making them safe for small children.

The two large storage bins are perfect for storing parts and play pieces that are not in use and helps to make clean up time fast and easy.

When the table is flipped over, you’ll get a regular flat table surface that can be used for regular play and an assortment of activities.

Because the set is so large, you’ll need quite a bit of space to assemble it. Following the well-written step by step instructions, putting this set together will take about thirty to sixty minutes. The table measures in at roughly sixteen inches high and thirty-five inches wide, with a length that comes in at forty-nine inches.

The set includes a hundred pieces, hardware, two storage bins, user’s manual, Allen wrench, and table parts. The track assembly instructions come with coded pictures that display how the track can be put together. You’ll want to mark each of the track pieces so that they correspond to the code in the user’s manual. This will make putting the track together and taking it apart much easier and less confusing.

Cons: The composite wood frame looks attractive and feels durable. Some parents were disappointed that the table set didn’t feature wooden drawers as opposed to the storage bins. However, the bins are made of a thick plastic and are designed to easily handle rough use.

Some parents recommend gluing the tracks together if the set will be set up permanently. The tracks do not come apart easily, so gluing them isn’t really necessary.

Some types of train cars, such as the Thomas Tank Engine, have a little trouble squeezing under the small bridge. But this can be easily remedied by placing thin pieces of wood under the bridge’s pillars in order to lift it high enough to give it the necessary headroom.

The train cars will connect to the rest of the train via magnets, which can come loose during play.

If you’re searching for a train set table combo that offers more storage space, KidKraft Waterfall Mountain train set and table features three large storage bins and plenty of track configurations and play pieces.

KidKraft Train Set Final Thoughts and Rating

Both the play pieces and play surface are full of fun, bright, detailed colors. Together, the landscape and the pieces form the basis to create a bustling, busy city with a lot of action going on.

The fire trucks, doctors, and ambulances can rush to the scene of an accident, while at the construction site, workers are busy building a new store. At the airport, a big plane is just coming in for a landing. There are also animals, trees, and farmers that dot the landscape. As you can see, the KidKraft Ride Around train set and table has a lot of playtime activities and setups that are sure to keep kids happy and entertained for hours on end. The set’s tracks can also be set up to go under or over one another using the bridges and columns.

This is a great regular table and train set in one, with a well-crafted and detailed play surface and play pieces. The landscape offers a bright background for kids and offers plenty of variety. Flipping the table over and using its flat surface makes way for a number of activities for your child to enjoy, which further increases the versatility of this set. Overall, this is a reasonably priced, fun, solid play set and table that comes with a lot of cars, and play pieces. Parents who purchased this set gave it a rating of five out of five stars, which makes this model our top-rated product and one of the best toddler train sets on the market.

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